Now That School is Out, Make Sure to Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free for Your Children This Summer

Columbia SC mosquito controlThe school year has come to an end and that means more kids will be out playing in the yard for much of the day. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is the company to call to keep your yard free of mosquitoes and biting pests for the entire summer and beyond. We will come to your home and apply our barrier spray every three weeks and you don’t have to do anything except give us a call.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia South CarolinaWhile most people associate high mosquito activity with the dusk hours, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is specifically a day biter. Not only is the Asian Tiger Mosquito a day biter, it also has a higher propensity for carrying debilitating diseases like West Nile Virus. Let us make sure you and your children are not on the dinner menu. The more time spent outdoors increases your likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes. We can come to your home, inspect your yard, find the trouble areas and treat your yard so that mosquitoes will be an afterthought for you and your loved ones.

mosquito control Columbia SCBy removing standing water from your yard and applying our barrier spray, you will see a 90% decrease in mosquitoes at the very least. It takes a well trained professional to properly treat your home’s yard for mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests. For this reason, we recommend leaving mosquito control in Columbia SC to us, the professionals. Your yard should be a place where you can go and relax and not worry about you and your kids being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Let us help you take your yard back for the entire summer!

mosquito misting systems Columbia SCTo see exactly how effective Mosquito Squad of Columbia is at removing unwanted, biting, stinging pests from your home’s yard, give us a call today at (803) 345.7575 , email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


If You’re Looking for the Best in Columbia SC Mosquito Control, Call Mosquito Squad of Columbia Today!

mosquito control Columbia SCAs we approach the warmer months ahead, you may be wondering how you can reduce the mosquito population within your yard. The answer’s quite simple. In order to reduce the mosquito population within your yard, you need to be proactive and not reactive. By performing our highly effective barrier spray prior to the mosquito population skyrocketing and then throughout the season, you can expect to see a dramatic decrease in the number of mosquitoes you come into contact with in your yard. If you’re planning on having spring and summer get-togethers, don’t have your guests literally itching to leave, call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Columbia today!

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCWhile it’s still winter, the weather for the past couple of weeks has been extremely mild for this time of year. In fact, we’re already fielding calls from customers whose yard has become a mosquito breeding ground. While we may see colder days just yet, seeing as how it’s still February, right now is still the best time to call and have your yard sprayed in order to keep up that barrier and keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Not only will our barrier spray keep most mosquitoes away, but it will eliminate those which land within your yard on contact. If you’re seeing a rise in the mosquito population within your yard, keep calm and call The Squad!

mosquito control Columbia SCAs mentioned earlier, being proactive in combatting mosquitoes is the best methodology. So long as you stay on top of the issue, there really shouldn’t be an issue eventually. Simply put, once mosquitoes gain a good stronghold with multiple areas where they lay their eggs in and around your yard, the more difficult it will become to put a cap on their population in and around your yard. In addition to our barrier spray, you should also keep in mind the “5 Ts” of mosquito control. If you’re unaware of them, click here to find out about them.

no bugsTo find out why Mosquito Squad of Columbia is one of the most trusted names in Columbia mosquito control, call us today at 803.345.7575, email us at or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

With the Record Heat We Have Experienced, Columbia SC Mosquitoes May be Active Until Christmas

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCWest Nile virus cases are beginning to show up all around us. This is not unusual, as the virus tends to spike in August, September and October. However, with the record heat we have experienced, we may be looking at the real possibility of an active mosquito population all the way up until Christmas. Mosquito Squad of Columbia has the perfect, and most importantly, affordable solution to keeping your yard mosquito free throughout the remaining months where mosquitoes are present.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCOur 3 spray package for $219 will provide you and your family with complete mosquito protection for nearly 62 days. Mosquito Squad of Columbia can ensure your cookouts, football tailgating parties, and all your social gatherings outdoors will go off without those pesky biting and stinging insects that may otherwise ruin your event.

mosquito control Columbia SCNot only can mosquitoes ruin your outdoor gatherings this fall, but they can also transmit nasty diseases such as West Nile virus. According to a recent article published by the Dekalb County environmental health division, “in one week, the number of mosquito samples that tested positive as carriers (for West Nile virus) nearly doubled from 37 to 70. The virus tends to spike in August, September and October.” West Nile virus is especially dangerous to the extremely young and the elderly. Its symptoms can range from the mild to the lethal and have a quick onset after being infected. Leave it to the professionals of Mosquito Squad of Columbia to ensure you and your family aren’t coming into contact with disease carrying mosquitoes in your own yard.

mosquito squad of Columbia SCTo see how Mosquito Squad of Columbia can remove potentially disease carrying mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests from your home’s yard, call us today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

If You Haven’t Heard of the Cicada Killer Wasp, We’re Sure You’ve Seen One Here in Columbia SC

cicada killer wasp control Columbia SCThe cicada killer wasp is quite possibly one of the largest wasps you have ever seen. These monstrous wasps are, as their name implies, cicada killers. They are identifiable by their enormous size, black and yellow striping upon their backs, and their unmistakably loud buzzing sound made by their enormous wings. They dig underground burrows and you’ll know if they’re in your yard nearly immediately. These behemoths swarm the area surrounding their underground burrow, but are actually not as aggressive as other wasps and hornets.

cicada killer wasp control Columbia SCThe female cicada killer wasp is capable of stinging, whereas the male is not. Females have significant stingers which they plunge into cicadas to inject venom that paralyzes them. Without doubt, their stings are extremely painful to humans. The buzzing noise that these wasps make and the warning colors on their wings and bodies intimidate and discourage would be predators. The males are extremely territorial, yet they cannot sting. While the males will harass humans and animals near their burrow, and you now know they cannot sting, you’re more than likely going to forget that fact when twenty to thirty gigantic wasps are surrounding you.

cicada killer wasp control Columbia SCThe cicada killer wasp will choose its place to burrow very carefully. A well drained, light textured soil in full sunlight is what they prefer most. Unfortunately, these areas tend to be places such as sidewalk or patio edges, flower beds, gardens and even your front or back yard. Another negative impact of the cicada killer wasp is that skunks will often take advantage of an empty cicada killer wasp burrow and use it as their own. When confronted by these monstrous wasps, please leave their removal to the professionals, Mosquito Squad of Columbia.

cicada killer wasp control Columbia SCIf your yard is a swarming, buzzing stomping ground for the enormous cicada killer wasp, call Mosquito Squad of Columbia today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Updated Technology is Making Columbia SC Mosquito Control More Convenient and Effective

mosquito misting systems Columbia SCWhen it comes to ensuring your yard is mosquito free, Mosquito Squad of Columbia is constantly searching for the newest and best in the mosquito control field. Updates in technology now allow for a mosquito misting system at your home that is completely made for both the tech savvy and the not so tech savvy. MistAway’s mosquito misting technology is autonomous and will make sure your yard is completely free of mosquitoes.

mosquito control Columbia SCMistAway has the technology that will allow you to control what times your yard is sprayed, and it’s completely customizable. You can even control sprays from your smartphone through the iMistAway app in the app store. Your system can have set times of day when it performs a spray, but if mosquito activity is higher than normal you can easily activate a manual spray at any time.

mosquito misting systems Columbia SCNot only will you not have to worry about contacting anyone to come out to your yard, with exception of refilling your mosquito repellent solution reservoir, but you have complete control over the system and can utilize it whenever you prefer. Perhaps you’re on your way to your home or beach home and want to make sure your yard is completely mosquito free by the time you get there. In that case, simply activate the device from your smartphone (no matter how far away from home you are) and your misting system will apply a spray right then and there and you will arrive to a mosquito free yard. Even if you have an existing misting system, we can retrofit your system to keep up with the newest mosquito misting system technology. Or, if you have broken fixtures, or need your tank refilled we can handle all of these situations as well.

Asian tiger mosquito control Columbia SCTo see the newest and most efficient in mosquito misting system technology that Mosquito Squad of Columbia has to offer, call us today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Asian Tiger Mosquito in Columbia SC Has More Bite Than You Think

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCTo many people, a mosquito is a mosquito. Nowadays this is certainly not the case. There are more than 2,700 species of mosquitoes in the world, and 176 of these live in the United States. Out of the 176 that reside in the US, the most distinct is the Asian tiger mosquito.

This mosquito is not native to the US and made its way onto American soil in 1985 within a shipment of used tires from Asia, where the mosquito originated, bound for Texas. An article published by Rutgers University Center for Vector Biology best explains the breeding habits of this unwelcomed guest and why tires made the perfect way for this mosquito to enter the US through American ports.

Mosquito eggs“The Asian tiger mosquito is known as a “Container Breeder” because it deposits its eggs in small collections of contained water rather than the swamps or marshes used by most mosquito species. The eggs of the Asian tiger mosquito are glued to the sides of the containers and require a period of drying before they are ready to hatch. The Asian Tiger Mosquito will use almost any container that holds water long enough to complete its life cycle including flower pots, tin cans, plastic buckets, cemetery urns, and discarded tires.”

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia South CarolinaYou may have noticed this mosquito if you have been nimble enough to squash one in action. What sets the Asian tiger mosquito apart in appearance to the average house mosquito, or Culex mosquito if you want to get technical, is its unique black and white pattern. The Asian Tiger’s coloration resembles that of a tiger, which is exactly how the mosquito got its name. Aside from this mosquito’s distinguishable appearance, its behavior also differs from that of your average run-of-the mill biter.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCFirst, their bite packs more punch. Many people have indicated that the bite from the Asian tiger mosquito is more painful than other mosquitoes. Since this species is known to be an aggressive mosquito when it feeds, they have even been mistaken for bees as they will often converge and swarm their prey. While some mosquitoes seem to be thrown off track by waving them away, and will lose interest and move on, the tigers have that distinct tiger-like aggression, which is another reason for their name.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCLike other mosquitoes, this mosquito can carry diseases including West Nile Virus. It’s important to know that not all mosquitoes carry diseases. Diseases are tested by local health departments. If and when infected mosquitoes are found, the health department does a great job of alerting the public to be more careful.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCThe most critical characteristic that sets the Asian apart from other mosquitoes is that it is relentless in its pursuit of a blood meal and is famous for being a day-feeding mosquito. It is common knowledge here in Columbia that mosquitoes feed at dusk and dawn. This behavior is what we expect from a mosquito; it is what we were always led to believe and this is the behavior residents are usually prepared to deal with. Residents need to become vigilant in exercising safe mosquito control practices. This includes instilling the expertise of a licensed mosquito control professional.

Columbia SC mosquito controlThe place to exercise the most caution and the place you want the most protection is in your yard. For that we have a great solution and a way you can help make it most successful. We spray your yard to create a protective barrier that not only eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact, but also has a timed-release formula that keeps working up to 3 weeks. With our season- long protection program, you don’t even need to pick up the phone. We re-treat your property every 3 weeks to make sure mosquitoes are out of sight and out of mind.

mosquito control Columbia SCThere is another thing you will also want to do to keep mosquitoes from making your yard their breeding ground. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. Even the smallest containers can hold water and draw the attention of the devious Asian tiger mosquito. Do your best to get rid of standing water in your yard. Tip over planters, toys, and other water collecting objects.

Asian tiger mosquito control Columbia SCTo see how Mosquito Squad of Columbia can make sure your yard isn’t swarming with Asian tiger mosquitoes this summer, call us today at 803.345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mosquitoes In Columbia SC Are Really Going to Hate This Week

mosquito control Columbia SCDo you find yourself constantly restocking your citronella candle and bug spray supply? Does it feel like mosquitoes are swarming your yard? In recognition of Mosquito Control Awareness Week, Mosquito Squad of Columbia wants to help inform residents of Columbia on how to most effectively ensure your yard isn’t a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

mosquito control Columbia SCThe recent rains we’ve experienced over the past several weeks have undoubtedly created numerous mosquito breeding areas.

What are mosquito breeding areas?

Mosquitoes are capable of breeding in or even near standing water. In fact, hundreds of mosquitoes can be hatched from standing water inside of a bottle cap! If there is standing water within your yard, you can be certain that mosquitoes are laying their eggs there and soon you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of new mosquitoes looking for their next meal. The first step to reducing your family’s contact with mosquitoes is removing standing water from your yard.

dread-versions3As part of Mosquito Control Awareness Week, June 21 – 27, 2015, yard expert and licensed contractor Jason Cameron has teamed up with Mosquito Squad, the national leader in tick and mosquito elimination and its Squad of technicians in Columbia, South Carolina to eliminate annoying and often times dangerous mosquitoes. As always, we recommend following the “7 T’s”. The “7 T’s” can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard and in turn reduce your chances of being bitten by one of these potentially disease carrying pests. Here are the “7 T’s”:

  • TIP. A bottle cap filled with water holds enough water for mosquitoes to breed. Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, the elimination of standing water decreases a mosquito’s breeding ground. Squad technicians report that yards with bird baths, play sets with tire swings, tree houses, portable fireplaces and pits and catch basins are the biggest offenders. Have a tire swing? Cameron’s hack is to drill holes in the bottom of the tire to empty water or even replace the tire with a wooden or plastic swing.

  • TOSS. The Squad technicians see a lot of yard waste, so remember to TOSS that yard trash, bag up those clippings and leaves and make sure firewood is stacked neatly. Cameron suggests building or installing a firewood holder to be sure that your firewood pile doesn’t trap water.

  • TURN. Walk the yard every few days and turn over items that could hold water and trash. Look for children’s portable sandboxes, slides or plastic toys; underneath and around downspouts; in plant saucers, empty pots, light fixtures and dog water bowls.

  • REMOVE TARPS. Many homeowners have tarps, or covers, on items residing in their outdoor spaces. If not stretched taut, they are holding water. Check tarps over firewood piles, portable fire places, recycling cans, boats, sports equipment and grills. Advice from Cameron: use bungee cords to keep tarps tight.

  • TAKE CARE. Home maintenance can be a deciding factor in property values and mosquito bites. Regularly clean out gutters and make sure the downspout is attached properly. Re-grade areas where water stands more than a few hours, and make sure that all fallen branches and hollow trees or logs are removed from the property. Check irrigation systems to ensure that they aren’t leaking and causing a breeding haven. Keep lawn height low and weed areas.

  • TEAM UP. Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking with neighbors is a key component to mosquito and tick control. Townhomes and homes with little space between lots mean that mosquitoes can breed at a neighbor’s home, and affect your property.

  • TREAT. Utilize a mosquito elimination barrier treatment around the home and yard. Using a barrier treatment at home reduces the need for using DEET-containing bug spray on the body.

mosquito control Columbia SCIf you want to make sure your yard is mosquito free for the summer, call us today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you and keeping your yard mosquito free!