Mosquito Squad of Columbia introduces comprehensive termite prevention, treatment and protection

termite white ant

Public enemy number one for homeowners is the termite.

If there is one singular insect destined to strike fear in the hearts of homeowners and that’s the termite. Not only are termites capable of wreaking havoc on your home’s structural systems, but treating for termites can also be quite costly. Termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. each year and residents spend an estimated $5 billion annually to control termites and repair termite damage. To add insult to injury, many homeowners do not realize there is a problem until substantial and costly  termite damage has already occurred. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is here to tell you that the termite has met its match. As many of you know, we have conquered dangerous biting pests when others said it couldn’t be done.  Now Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers comprehensive termite and structural pest control, moisture control, and termite damage repairs for your home and business while offering affordably priced solutions.

Termite inflicting damage

This image shows just some of the damage caused by termites.

The Midlands area of South Carolina lies in one of the most heavily termite infested regions in the nation.  US residents spend an estimated $5 billion dollars annually to control termites and repair termite damage, which is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance. According to Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones), South Carolina is located in TIP Zone #1 (very heavy), which means the potential for termite damage is considered significant. Areas with higher probabilities for termite activity require more termite control measures to meet International Residential Code building standards for new homes than areas with less frequent activity.

Wood eaten by termites

Wood eaten by termites

Mosquito Squad of Columbia is offering a comprehensive Termite Inspection of your home or business.  Using state-of-the-art LED camera and video technology, we are able to show you images of what the technician actually observes – so you can see termite and moisture problems that may exist under your home, and understand the solutions we recommend to protect your structure. We show you images of these areas so you can make a more informed decision regarding prevention, treatment and repairs. Our service also costs about 40% less than the big named termite companies in our area.

Our termite services include:

  • Comprehensive inspections and reporting – this includes on-site home inspection with LED imaging
  • Comprehensive termite treatment & protection – including liquid termiticides, termite bait stations and construction pre-treats
  • Structural moisture control – this can include one of more of the following: moisture barriers, French drains, sump pumps, guttering, foundation vents and encapsulation
  • Termite damage repairs
Our Mosquito Squad of Columbia family

The crew at Mosquito Squad of Columbia.

Your home is likely to be the single-biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Our termite service can ensure that your home is protected against the damages inflicted by termites. Call Mosquito Squad of Columbia today to schedule your comprehensive Termite Inspection  at  (803) 345 – 7575 •

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Mosquito Squad of Columbia teaches us that all mosquito treatments aren’t created equal!

Mosquito on spring flowers

The abundance of rain will ensure plentiful blooms and mosquitoes this season.

With all the recent rain we’ve had in the Columbia area, the mosquito season is likely to be a doozy this season. Standing water is everywhere which means the mosquitoes are using that pooled water to lay millions and millions of eggs. With the probability of a booming mosquito season, it’s important to keep you and your family protected from these backyard menaces and the many illnesses they carry. In choosing the right mosquito professional to take care of your mosquito control needs, it is important to choose someone who is experienced in getting the job done right the first time.

mosquito larvae and eggs in standing water

Mosquito larvae and eggs in standing water

I am sure you have seen the advertisements around town offering mosquito control. Many of these companies don’t even specialize in mosquito control and most only offer a “knock down” treatment rather than a residual product that truly protects. Knock down treatments mean that the product is only effective on the mosquitoes that are present in the yard at the time of treatment. Knock down treatments are all most of these companies use, that is why many customers have been left with a bad taste in their mouth and lots of bites on their bodies. The knock-down treatment is very inexpensive compared to the residual product but, you get what you pay for. Many Columbia residents feel that this is the only type of control available in the area. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is here to tell you that you can have a mosquito and tick free yard all summer with our duo of knock down protection and timed release extended treatment.

Not all mosquito treatments are created equal

We are raising the bar here in the Columbia area when it comes to mosquito control and we have the competition running scared. They know our product works, and theirs just scratches the surface at controlling mosquitoes. We use a proprietary treatment that includes three different products to deliver the ultimate effectiveness.  We not only offer different levels of protection, we also offer many specialty treatments. We are specialists in outdoor pests. While other companies only offer a general pest management approach, we offer many different options that target the pests you are having problems with. Flying pests are much more difficult to control than crawling pests. Don’t ever let a company tell you there is no difference in the two, or there is nothing effective at targeting them both. At Mosquito Squad, that’s what we do.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia doesn't give mosquitoes or ticks a biting chance

Mosquito Squad of Columbia doesn’t give mosquitoes and other nuisance insects a biting chance!

Full protection throughout the summer:

If you talk to a professional who has knowledge about products used to eliminate mosquitoes, the knowledgeable ones will tell you it will wear off after about three weeks.  Our competitors spray every 4 weeks which guarantees their customers will be unhappy 25% of the time.

Our regular barrier spray program is scheduled every 3 weeks for optimal results. Not only will the treatments eliminate existing mosquitoes and ticks in your backyard upon application, they will also create a veil of protection designed to keep more mosquitoes from entering your treated property until the next treatment. Our customers can also choose our platinum service with service every 14 days for the ultimate protection. If you come across a landscape or lawn service and they say they take care of mosquito control, beware. Their product most likely does not have the residual performance and the licenses usually held by landscape and lawn companies restrict them from spraying decks, patios, porches, home siding or structures. At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we have the licenses to treat your structures as well as your yard.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers natural treatment programs that are garlic or mint based. Natural products have less residual protection than their contemporaries and need to be applied on a two-week schedule in order to gain the most effectiveness.

If you aren’t satisfied with any facet of the results you receive from our product, we re-spray at no charge. It is that simple. We always make sure our customers are taken care of, that is why Mosquito Squad of Columbia has so many repeat customers, because once you find out what works and who you can trust, that is the company you stick with. Along with our safe and highly effective pest control programs we also offer mosquito misting systems. Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our Mosquito Squad of Columbia website and read our reviews.

Blood filled female mosquito

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they also carry a wide range of illness and disease,

At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, we also offer services for other nuisance insects such as ticks, spiders, fleas, gnats, fire ants, flies, wasps,  and aphids. Our specialty is eliminating the bugs above ground that are bugging you. You may find less expensive services elsewhere, but you will not find someone who provides better service or more effective protection. Mosquito Squad of Columbia surveys amond customers rank us 5 points ABOVE “World Class” ranking with more than 90% of our customers willing to refer us to friends and family.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia today to learn why we are the pest control company that so many area residents are choosing to keep to help ensure their mosquito free lifestyle. Call us today for a free quote • (803) 345 – 7575 •