Mosquito Squad of Columbia Can Help You Take Your Yard Back!

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCYou’ve probably been spending evenings out on the deck or patio and suddenly realized that mosquitoes are back! If that’s the case, don’t fret, just call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Columbia. Our traditional barrier application will knock down existing mosquitoes and keep new ones from entering your yard. If you’re looking to have your yard be clear of mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests all summer long, then you should absolutely consider our season-long protection package. By spraying your yard every 21 days, you can expect to see the mosquito population within your yard reduced by up to 90%!

Columbia SC mosquito controlYou should be able to enjoy your yard no matter what time of day or year it is. Don’t allow mosquitoes to ruin your family get-togethers. For all your future outdoor gatherings, make sure to call The Squad. We can ensure that you and your guests aren’t on the dinner menu for swarming mosquitoes and pests. When you’re having friends and family over for cookouts during these pleasant spring months, the last thing you want is for your guests literally itching to leave due to bug bites. Our microencapsulated barrier application can resolve all your mosquito, tick and flea problems.

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This goes for your pets as well. If your dog or cat is being bitten by fleas from your yard, all you need to do in order to clear your yard is to call Mosquito Squad today! No longer will you, your family, your guests or your pets have to be the target of mosquitoes and fleas. In addition to removing up to 90% of the mosquito population and flea population within your yard, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results then neither are we. Just give us a call and we will promptly come back out to reapply our barrier application.

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To find out what separates Mosquito Squad of Columbia from other mosquito and pest control companies in Columbia, SC, call us today at (706) 637.2065, email us at or visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!


Helping to Eradicate Malaria is a Top Goal for Mosquito Squad of Columbia

Mosquito Squad of Columbia's goal is to save 10,000 lives through the Malaria No More project.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia’s goal is to save 10,000 lives through the Malaria No More project.

Malaria is listed as one of the world’s deadliest diseases. The reason for this is due in large part to poverty and lack of access to simple preventative measures. Mosquito Squad has been partnering with the Malaria No More organization for years to aid these impoverished areas. Through Malaria No More, just a $1 contribution provides a life-saving test and treatment for a child in Africa. This year Mosquito Squad of Columbia will donate $1 for every spray we conduct. This means that for every spray, every referral we receive, we will move closer and closer to our goal of doing our part to end Malaria’s awful reign of terror. Our goal is to donate $10,000 and in the process save 10,000 people’s lives.

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Mosquito Squad of Columbia is committed to supporting Malaria No More – One Child at a Time

Believe it or not, half of the world’s population is still at risk of being infected by Malaria. Annually there are well over 600,000 deaths attributed to Malaria with 90% of these deaths occurring in Africa. An even grimmer statistic shows that nearly 460,000 children whom did not survive were under the age of four.

mosquito control Chapin SC

With each spray conducted by Mosquito of Columbia we will donate $1 dollar to the Malaria No More project. $1 saves one life.

While many humanitarian aid groups and the World Health Organization have combatted this disease, it still remains a formidable opponent. But thanks to these efforts, Malaria death rates have dropped by nearly 42% since 2000.

Nationally, Mosquito Squad has already saved well over 100,000 lives and has taken on the challenge of saving an additional 250,000 over the next three years. We at Mosquito Squad of Columbia have decided to take upon this challenge as well and to help save as many lives as we possibly can.

Dread Skeeter for Mosquito Squad of ColumbiaIf you are looking for mosquito and tick protection in your Columbia SC area yard, give us a call at (803) 345-7575 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and in turn helping us to hit our goal of saving 10,000 lives in this fight against Malaria.

Don’t take it from us. Listen to what our Columbia customers are saying about Mosquito Squad!

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Mosquito Squad utilizes Listen360 – an independent group to secure reviews from real Mosquito Squad of Columbia customers. Here are real reviews from our customers throughout the Columbia area. To read live reviews, view a live feed on our facebook page.


The service was great for the BIG problem with the mosquitoes we Had. The guys that came out explained what they were going to do, explained

Bill M., Lexington, SC


I like the call before the sprayers come and the non-intrusive and professional way they show up when they say they will and do their work and leave. I can’t tell you how many times service people have come early or late and interrupted my entire day! It’s also great to be able to go into my yard night or day and not become a mosquito picnic! I also love that the chemicals used are environmental friendly. They only target the pests and not the birds and butterflies and such. I’m so happy to have found your company and have suggested it to many people.

Julia And Martin H, Columbia, SC


Prompt and fast

Phil C, Chapin, SC


Your personnel were prompt and courteous.

Judy H., Lexington, SC


Greatly reduced the amount of mosquitos

Kyle M., Irmo, SC


Fast friendly service and no Mosquitos!

Matt G., Chapin, SC


Effective and consistent

Cindy G., Blythewood, SC


Prompt. Product works! Great to be able to enjoy outdoors comfortably!! Product works. Reliable. Courteous employees

Lorraine H., Columbia, SC


The employees are polite and helpful and the treatment works!

Melinda W., West Columbia, SC


Quick appointment and very prompt-did the job!

Kathy W., Blythewood, SC


Competitive prices and quick service

Trey L. and Angela D., Lexington, SC


Very prompt and called to let me know they were on their way.

Stephanie M. Columbia, SC


From my first call I was very impressed with the Mosquito Squad! They came when they said they were coming and were kind enough to return when I saw a few more of those little critters while sitting outside on our deck (something I haven’t been able to do in the 7 years I’ve lived here)…so very glad you were recommended to me! It’s so wonderful to be able to enjoy the outdoors again!

Donna N., Columbia, SC


I have been so very pleased over the past three years with the professionalism of all the staff I have dealt. At any time there has been a need, the response is very timely, within 24-48 hours. The product works! My grandchildren want to be outside and mosquitoes are not an option. I highly recommend Mosquito Squad to everyone.

Adelle F., Gaston, SC


You actually mean it when you say satisfaction Guaranteed 🙂 all I have to do is call and it’s handled!

Regina S., Columbia, SC


We like that we won’t have to deal with mosquitos and also that you offer a solution for fleas also and that you make monthly payments available.

C.J. & Russ M., Columbia, SC


Responsive to individualized yard pest needs!

Holly K., Chapin, SC


Very fast and Friendly

George F. K., Winnsboro, SC


Good customer service, communication, timely service

Benetta A., W. Columbia SC


Love regaining our yard! Your service is dependable and your employees friendly.

Jeffrey M. Z., Columbia, SC


I love that my yard is mosquito free and once I select my service package for the year I don’t have to think about it again! I also appreciate the great customer service that I have received for 3 years now; any concerns I’ve had was immediately addressed and resolved. Fantastic people, courteous employees and a wonderful service.

Bronwyn E., West Columbia, SC


Makes my yard a safe place to play for my child and pets. Honesty, efficiency, GUARANTEED

Donna M., Columbia, SC


I like everything about your service. The professionalism that the whole staff exhibits, the kindness and the flexibility. You have helped me over the years to have family gatherings second to none. We have really been like one big happy family. Thanks Mosquito Squad for being the best at what you do. The company has always come through when I had special events where I needed them. They are flexible and very professional. They are the best. It works and Mosquito Squad is flexible with time and truly professional. We been doing busy since they begin in the area. Keep up the good work.

Albert R., Blythewood, SC


It works! I can enjoy my home and my cats are healthy and glad to be be able to play on the screened porch

Denise D., Columbia, SC


Very committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Deborah T. R., Columbia, SC


It really works! We live on a pond and even with all the rain we have had this summer, their spraying is still effective in keeping us mosquito free. We actually enjoy watching tv on our porch in the evening hours. The service people are very prompt and courteous. We will continue to use them every spring and summer.


It works

Edward Scott S., Ridgeway, SC


The fact that I can enjoy my yard and not be bitten by a single mosquito, but also when I mentioned my concern for the baby birds in the garden boxes, they took extra care when spraying around them. I have told all my neighbors how well the spraying works but they are skeptical. I said “call Mosquito Squad and enjoy being in your yard anytime”.

Barry And Beverly K., Columbia, SC


Notification of when the service will be, polite and knowledgeable staff. The service allows us to enjoy our yard! If you have an issue, Mosquito Squad will find a solution. It gives us peace of mind to know we can enjoy our yard and home with your insects intruding.


Ilse Y., West Columbia, SC


IT WORKS!!!!!! I can use my outdoor areas. You always let us know when you are coming and you actually come when you say. If we notice Mosquito’s after treatment, which is seldom, you return and retreat without question. Even on Saturdays!

Lonnie M., Columbia, SC