Now That School is Out, Make Sure to Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free for Your Children This Summer

Columbia SC mosquito controlThe school year has come to an end and that means more kids will be out playing in the yard for much of the day. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is the company to call to keep your yard free of mosquitoes and biting pests for the entire summer and beyond. We will come to your home and apply our barrier spray every three weeks and you don’t have to do anything except give us a call.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia South CarolinaWhile most people associate high mosquito activity with the dusk hours, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is specifically a day biter. Not only is the Asian Tiger Mosquito a day biter, it also has a higher propensity for carrying debilitating diseases like West Nile Virus. Let us make sure you and your children are not on the dinner menu. The more time spent outdoors increases your likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes. We can come to your home, inspect your yard, find the trouble areas and treat your yard so that mosquitoes will be an afterthought for you and your loved ones.

mosquito control Columbia SCBy removing standing water from your yard and applying our barrier spray, you will see a 90% decrease in mosquitoes at the very least. It takes a well trained professional to properly treat your home’s yard for mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests. For this reason, we recommend leaving mosquito control in Columbia SC to us, the professionals. Your yard should be a place where you can go and relax and not worry about you and your kids being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Let us help you take your yard back for the entire summer!

mosquito misting systems Columbia SCTo see exactly how effective Mosquito Squad of Columbia is at removing unwanted, biting, stinging pests from your home’s yard, give us a call today at (803) 345.7575 , email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Recent Floods Will Undoubtedly Result in More Columbia SC Mosquitoes

mosquito control Columbia SCAs we have discussed at length, standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, our particular situation is quite different and presents many challenges. With the recent catastrophic flooding in and around Columbia SC, standing water will remain a problem for the foreseeable future. Add to the amount of standing and stagnated water, the timing will also present challenges as the mosquitoes are much more active and aggressive as they scramble to feed in time to lay their eggs before the temperatures get too low.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCAccording to a recent Jacksonville, NC news article, “…expect the worst of the mosquitoes to be next week when all of the eggs laid this week become adults of a wide range of species, one of which is the largest in the United States”. With the recent copious amounts of precipitation we’ve experienced, it seems that following the “5 T’s” may not be enough within itself. The application of our microencapsulated barrier spray solution has a delayed release and is less susceptible to becoming diluted by water than other mosquito control companies in Columbia SC.

mosquito control Columbia SCNow that the vast swath of flood waters have receded or evaporated, it’s prime time for heavy mosquito activity. By being proactive rather than reactive, you can ensure that your yard does not become a mosquito breeding ground. Nip the problem in the bud by having Mosquito Squad of Columbia perform our highly effective barrier application on your yard today! In doing so, you, your family, and your pets are much less likely to come into contact with annoying, biting, mosquitoes that could potentially be carrying a mosquito-borne illness or disease.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia South CarolinaTo have your yard treated today and keep your yard mosquito free for the remainder of the season, call Mosquito Squad of Columbia today at 803.345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

While You May Find Stinky Feet and Bad Breath Disgusting, Mosquitoes Actually Love Them!

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCHave you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to bite some people more often, while others seem to barely be fazed by them? There is more to the laws of attraction when it comes to mosquitoes than just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mosquito Squad of Columbia is here to discuss some of the reasons that mosquitoes may be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

cicada killer wasp control Columbia SC Did you know mosquitoes are actually the deadliest predators on earth despite their size? Mosquitoes are more deadly than sharks, tigers or even other humans. Mosquitoes kill by proxy. They transmit pathogens such as dengue fever, West Nile virus, Yellow Fever and, the most deadly of all mosquito-borne illnesses combined, malaria. With this in mind, is it any wonder the mosquito is a natural born hunter?

Dread Skeeter for Mosquito SquadAccording to a recent article published by Scientific American, “Everyone attracts mosquitoes to some extent, so as long as they shall breathe. From the perspective of mosquitoes the world is composed of rivers of carbon dioxide flowing from the headwaters of animal’s mouths. Carbon dioxide flows from us all. Mosquitoes fly in the direction of higher carbon dioxide concentration and this leads them close enough, having found a warm body, to make more discerning decisions.”

Once you have caught the mosquito’s attention by merely breathing, there are a number of factors that will cause the mosquito to choose to feed from you over your friend who may be standing right beside you.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCBody odor is a top mosquito attractant. Bacterial colonies combined with sweat generate that sweet (if you’re a mosquito) human scent we call body odor. Without the bacteria, our sweat would be odorless; with the bacteria, our sweat is one of the more attractive scents for mosquitoes. Fresh sweat has also proven not as attractive to the hungry mosquito because it has not combined with bacteria. Studies have even indicated that those of us with “stinkier” feet than others can also make us more appetizing to a mosquito which serves as further proof of the sweat and bacteria recipe that mosquitoes find so appealing!

West Nile Virus Prevention Columbia SCNatural body secretions are also a huge draw for mosquitoes. About 80% of us are “secretors”, which mean we normally secrete compounds known as saccharides and antigens through our skin which indicate our blood type. Mosquitoes are magnets for secretors. Being classified as a secretor or non-secretor is determined by your biology and there isn’t anything you can do to put yourself in the non-secretor category. It is part of the natural makeup of certain individuals.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCThe “vampiric” factor also plays a role in the mosquito’s preference to feed from you. Depending on the type of blood you have, you secrete different scents. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are most attracted to Type O blood and are least attracted to Type A.
Lactic acid is a huge draw for mosquitoes. Lactic acid is emitted through your skin when you are active or eating certain foods. Mosquitoes are more attracted to people with a greater build-up of lactic acid on their skin. You can reduce lactic acid by washing with soap after exercising and thoroughly drying. Scent is the primary indicator for mosquitoes that a human target is within striking distance. The role scent plays in attracting mosquitoes goes so far as the mosquito’s preference in choosing a person that has, or is, drinking beer over that of a non-drinker.
There are also other indicators like body heat, moisture, movement and color that attract mosquitoes’ highly attuned receptors.

Columbia SC mosquito controlAside from washing regularly to reduce bacteria and lactic acid build-up from your skin, most of the human scents that attract mosquitoes are unique to us and cannot be changed. We have to breathe, and we cannot choose to be a secretor, nor can we choose our blood type. With this in mind, Mosquito Squad of Columbia has a way to outsmart the laws of attracting mosquitoes on your own turf!

Never fear Mosquito Squad of Columbia is here!Mosquito Squad of Columbia provides a barrier spray protection program that can reduce the chances of mosquito attraction within your treated backyard. We spray your yard to create a protective barrier around your yard. This barrier is an invisible shield of protection from mosquitoes and also mosquito-borne disease. Our spray not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact; it also has a time-released formula that keeps on working for up to 3 weeks. With our season-long mosquito protection program, you don’t even need to pick up the phone. We re-treat your property every 3 weeks to make sure mosquitoes are out of sight and out of mind.

dread and kids in flowersContact Mosquito Squad of Columbia to learn more about ending your fatal attraction with the mosquitoes and preventing mosquitoes and the diseases they carry from taking up residence in your backyard. We can make sure the remainder of the warm season is full of mosquito-free fun! Call us today for a free quote at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Keep calm and call the Squad. We can control and prevent the bugs that are bugging you!

Just Because Fall is Approaching Does Not Mean We Will See a Reduction in the Columbia SC Mosquito Population

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia SCWith all the “ready for fall” commercials and football season about to begin, you may think that cooler weather is right around the corner. With cooler weather comes fewer mosquitoes. Unfortunately, due to the mild weather we experience here in Columbia, we won’t see a respite from mosquitoes for quite a while. With these mild temperatures, we will undoubtedly see, for many months to come, mosquito breeding, and a very active mosquito population.

Columbia SC mosquito controlFall is the best time of year for cookouts, football tailgating parties, and backyard gatherings. Let’s be honest, grilling in the summer is great, but nobody wants to stand over a 400°F grill when it’s 100°F outside. Don’t allow mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests to take these last few months away from you. Mosquito Squad of Columbia can keep your yard mosquito free for all your tailgating parties and cookouts for the rest of the season. Even if the mosquito activity in your yard jump starts itself, we will come back to your home and reapply our barrier spray.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Columbia South CarolinaIf you’re preparing for your Labor Day cookout, or a tailgate party fanatic, Mosquito Squad of Columbia is the company to turn to in order to keep Columbia SC mosquitoes from chasing you and your guests away from the festivities. Our proprietary barrier spray solution will keep your yard free of mosquitoes for 21 days. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we strive to ensure that our customers see results.

mosquito squad of Columbia SCTo see how Mosquito Squad of Columbia can help you take your yard back from biting, stinging and blood sucking pests in preparation for all your outdoor fall gatherings, call us today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Mosquitoes Aren’t the Only Pests We Will Remove From Your Yard

mosquito control Columbia SCWe at Mosquito Squad of Columbia have become well-known for our ability to rid your yard of mosquitoes. While mosquitoes are our main target and many people assume that’s all we target, because it’s included in our name, our barrier sprays actually take care of much more than your pesky disease carrying mosquitoes. You would be surprised to know all the different stinging and biting pests we can help to remove from your yard and allow you to enjoy the outdoors during the remaining summer months.

Carolina wolf spiderHave you been outside during a cookout and nearly curled over laughing at a guest seemingly performing a pirouette in order to escape from a wasp or yellow jacket? It’s a common occurrence at nearly every outdoor event during the summertime. With the application of our highly effective and long lasting barrier spray, your yard will be free of ticks, ants, wasps, dirt dobbers, yellow jackets, fleas, and even spiders. You can finally relax without being bitten or stung by annoying pesky insects and rest in your backyard completely bug free.

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no bugsIf you’re yard is abuzz with angry, annoying, biting and stinging pests and you simply want to take your yard back, call the professionals. To see how truly effective a barrier spray by Mosquito Squad of Columbia really is, call us today at 803.345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to helping you take your yard back!

With Mosquito Squad of Columbia’s Event Sprays, You Can Make Certain Your Fourth of July Party is Completely Mosquito Free

event sprays for mosquitoes Columbia SCThis coming weekend is the Fourth of July. It is a day to be enjoyed by everyone as we celebrate our country’s independence. While you and your guests are mingling at your cookout this weekend, make sure that mosquitoes are not on the guest list. Not only are mosquitoes highly annoying and may have your guests literally itching to leave, but they also are capable of carrying diseases. Mosquito Squad of Columbia can ensure you and your guests are not on the dinner menu for mosquitoes at your Fourth of July cookout.

event sprays for mosquitoes Columbia SCHere in Columbia we have seen quite a bit of rain over the past several weeks. This undoubtedly created numerous new breeding areas for mosquitoes. This means that the mosquito population is sure to be much higher than average. Mosquito activity during the day, unfortunately, is right around dinner time. Thus, right when everyone is about to take a bite into their burger or hot dog, mosquitoes will be out looking for something they can bite into.

event sprays for mosquitoes Columbia SCBy applying our barrier spray prior to your Fourth of July cookout, your guests won’t notice any strong odors or residue. The only thing your guests will possibly notice is the lack of mosquitoes in your yard. Not only will mosquitoes be absent from your Fourth of July cookout, but so will most other stinging and biting insects.

event sprays for mosquitoes Columbia SCTo see how Mosquito Squad of Columbia can keep your Fourth of July cookout free of biting, stinging and bloodsucking pests, give us a call today at (803) 345.7575, email us at, or visit our website. We very much look forward to helping you take your yard back!

Learn more about flea life cycles and about Mosquito Squad of Columbia’s guaranteed flea control service

I have to admit, even though I am in the business of eliminating and preventing nuisance insects, the thought of a flea biting makes my skin crawl. I am sure I am not alone in the disgust most people experience at the sheer mention of a flea infestation. Unlike other nuisance insects, fleas can take over the interior of your home very quickly. Fleas can be very hard to control because they have the ability to acclimate themselves so easily. The flea will reproduce in the rugs, carpets and other plush items in your home. In severe infestations treating fleas at just one part of the life cycle is not enough to gain control over this tiny pest.

Columbia SC Flea Control

Don’t let he small size fool you, fleas are a nuisance that can make your pet very sick.

Fleas are difficult to control because of their four-stage life cycle. If you have ever stood with your pet awaiting the arrival of the doctor inside the veterinarian practice you may have noticed a flea life-cycle diagram or chart on display within the examination room. Chances are you never really gave the chart a second thought, but learning about the flea’s life cycle will help you better understand what is involved in eliminating them. There are four stages in the life cycle of a flea: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Depending on the environmental temperature and humidity levels, the total life cycle will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to many months.

  • The Egg Stage

The beginning of the flea’s life cycle occurs when an adult female flea lays eggs following a blood meal from a host.  The blood host could be you, or your pet. Just like the female mosquito, blood is necessary for the adult flea to reproduce. These eggs are small, white objects just slightly bigger than a grain of salt that are laid in the pet’s fur in bunches of about 20. A single adult female can lay about 50 eggs every day. The flea eggs will then fall off your pet as they move, allowing them to be disbursed throughout the environment where your pet spends his or her time. Eggs are often disbursed throughout the carpets and pet bedding in your home, as well as in your yard. Flea eggs can represent about 50% of the entire flea population present in your home or lawn at any given time.

Flea eggs

Flea eggs

Eggs take anywhere from two days to two weeks to develop, hatching when conditions are right for them. If temperatures are cold and dry, the eggs will take longer. If temperatures are warm and humidity levels are high, the eggs will hatch at a faster rate. The heat and humidity of summer represent perfect egg hatching conditions. Larvae then emerge from the egg as the next life stage of the flea continues…

  • The Larval Stage
Flea larvae

Flea larvae

As the larvae emerge they are blind and will avoid being out in the light. Flea larvae develops over several weeks by eating pre-digested blood (commonly referred to as “flea dirt”), that adult fleas pass and by eating other organic debris in the environment. Flea dirt is visible to the naked eye and can often be seen on the skin of your pet at the base of the fur. Flea dirt looks just like dirt and is often mistaken for just that. Flea larvae are about a quarter of an inch long and are almost transparent. Larvae also have no legs. In some respects the larvae resemble the appearance of a maggot. Larvae make up about 60% of the flea population in the environment. If conditions are favorable, the larvae will spin cocoons in about 5-20 days of hatching from their eggs. This leads to the next life stage, called the cocoon or pupae stage.

Flea life cycle pyramid

  • The Pupae Stage

This stage of the flea’s life cycle accounts for less than 10% of the flea population in your household and yard during an infestation. The pupae, or cocoon stage is the last developmental stage before the adult flea emerges. The cocoon protects the pupae for several days or weeks before the adult flea emerges. In some cases the cocoon can protect the developing flea for months, and even years in some cases.

Flea pupae

Flea pupae

The cocoon has a sticky outer coating allowing them to hide deep in your carpeting and not be easily removed by light vacuuming or sweeping. The pupae, stage is nearly impossible to eliminate because you can’t kill pupae when you vacuum! The vibration caused by the vacuum will actually stimulate the pupae to emerge. Much like the mosquito, as the new adult flea emerges from its cocoon it is drawn to a potential blood host by sensing carbon dioxide and body heat, as well as movement and vibration. Something as simple as your dog walking across a rug can alert the flea it is time to emerge from its safe haven and feed.

Dog getting application of dermal flea and tick control

Dog getting application of dermal flea and tick control.

  • The Adult Flea

It only takes a few hours for an adult flea to begin its reign of terror once it emerges from the cocoon. Shortly after the first meal, adult fleas will breed and begin laying eggs within a few days. Female fleas must obtain a blood meal in order to lay eggs and perpetuate the life cycle all over again.  Adult fleas account for less than 5% of the entire flea population present in your home, on your pet or in your yard during an infestation. Fleas are responsible for tapeworms and flea allergy dermatitis in your pet and in rare cases can even cause your pet to become anemic due to blood loss.

Flea activity spikes during warm weather, and Mosquito Squad of Columbia has received many calls regarding flea infestations already this season. Our flea control consists of a series of 3 treatments to kill existing fleas and guard against new ones hatching within the treated area. After 3 treatments, Mosquito Squad of Columbia will guarantee the premises will remain flea free the entire season. We do recommend keeping your pet on a regular schedule of flea preventative as prescribed by your veterinarian. Many oral products are highly effective such as Comfortis and Trifexis, but over time these products can be tough on your pet’s stomach. Topical flea preventative are essentially ineffective at controlling fleas. Our program is so effective at stopping the fleas before they reach your pet, you may not need to administer the flea control pills at all.

The crew at Mosquito Squad of Columbia. Our own little Sophie Dog is happy and flea free!

The crew at Mosquito Squad of Columbia. Our own little Sophie Dog is happy and flea free!

In order to receive our guaranteed 3-treatment flea program you do not have to be on the mosquito program. This is not a prerequisite of program participation. However, if you are one of our Mosquito Squad customers it is more economical because we bill the flea program as an add-on service. This means when we treat the lawn for mosquitoes we also treat for fleas. Within this same application we will also treat for adult ticks. Mosquito Squad of Columbia can also treat for fleas inside the house if necessary. This can include rugs, pet bedding or your favorite couch or chair. You will have to allow sufficient time to dry before you let pets or family back on it. It doesn’t stain. We only do it if pets have brought fleas inside, and we also ask customers requesting an interior treatment to vacuum thoroughly before we arrive. It is also important to remind you that discarding your spent vacuum cleaner bags is important as it can contain all stages of fleas from egg to adult and can lead to re-infestation if not handled and disposed of properly and in a timely manner.

If you are ready to put an end to the endless cycle of fleas and the discomfort they cause to both you and your pet, contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia today for a free quote • (803) 345 – 7575 •